What To ExpectWhat to Expect

Turbo Title Loan isn’t one more faceless organization promising you auto financing but keeping you in the dark throughout the process.

From loan specialists to complete tech support, we’ve got your back with a human component at every stage of the approval process. That includes helpful, friendly people who are here to answer any and all questions to make the experience feel more comfortable and customized to your financial situation. All the while, our easy-to-use technology platform moves you efficiently right along in a matter of minutes.

Check out what we mean with a closer look inside what to expect from here – click on the link below for the process that best describes you:

#1 Get A Quote

Get a quote and complete an online application indicating that you are refinancing an existing title loan.

Are you interested in refinancing an existing loan with us? Sign into your customer account and submit your refinance application with a click of a button!

#2 Chat With A Turbo Title Loan Specialist

Soon after you apply online, one of our loan specialists from Turbo Title Loan will give you a call to talk more about your financial situation. Are you interested in a traditional title loan or a refinance to lower your monthly payment? We’re here to guide you in every way we can.

#3 Upload Your Documents For Approval

Turbo Title Loan’s platform for uploading makes it very simple to get the required documents in our hands. Just go online and upload the documents required. And if you run into trouble, our tech support team can walk you through any part of this stage. If you feel more comfortable faxing or emailing your documents, that’s not a problem. You can fax to (847) 637-8163 or email to underwriting@turbotitleloan.com.

You're refinanced. Congratulations!

After you electronically sign your contract, Turbo Title Loan will wire the payoff to your original lender and wire any remaining equity to you. Your original lender will then send the car title to us at Turbo Title Loan. We’re looking forward to serving you again soon.

#1 Get A Quote

Get a quote and fill out an application through our secure website. If you have any questions, you can click on the “Live Chat” box for help.

#2 Talk To A Turbo Title Loan Specialist and Provide Loan Documentation

Soon after you apply online, a loan specialist from Turbo Title Loan will call you to discuss your financial situation and how we can assist you with a short-term title loan. They will explain which documents we require. You can also get started right away by logging into your online account to review the document list. You can provide document requirements either by uploading within your online account, emailing them to underwriting@turbotitleloan.com, or faxing them to (847) 637-8163. Don’t be intimidated at all by this part, we’re here to guide through every step ofthe process – it’s simple!

#3 Your Documents Are Approved

Your documents have been accepted and you’re in the home stretch. We will email you a prepaid FedEx label for you to ship your vehicle title to Turbo Title Loan.

Get your cash!

After Turbo Title Loan receives your vehicle title via FedEx and you electronically sign your contract, Turbo Title Loan will wire funds directly into your checking or savings account. We’re looking forward to serving you again soon.